Rats are the one rodent which most people cannot abide. They damage goods and property and carry disease including Leptospirosis, otherwise called Weil’s Disease (pronounced Veil’s). This disease is transmitted to humans in the urine of infected animals. It is usually associated with watercourses, sewage systems and even damp soil, where there is an infestation of rats. Other diseases associated with rats are salmonella and the less common rat-bite fever and typhoid. Parasites caused by rats include, ringworm, roundworm, tapeworm, ticks and fleas.

The average life span of a rat is one year. Gestation period for a rat is three weeks, the female rat can give birth to about 20 young a year (4-6 at a time).The young are weaned at 4-5 weeks, at 3 months old they are ready to start breeding.

Rats may nest in your house, in the loft, under the floor or behind kitchen cupboards. However, they prefer to live outdoors in underground burrows or under outbuildings etc.

We usually become involved when the property owner starts hearing noises in the loft / between floors, or notices burrows appearing outside. Sometimes rats may be sighted in the property or droppings and visible signs of damage become apparent.

Control is usually easy to achieve, using pasta or wax based rodenticides. Outdoors it will necessary to use bait boxes, or direct baiting of the burrow, to prevent poisoning of non target species. A minimum of 2-3 visits will be required to eradicate an infestation.

We also provide proofing services, taking physical measures to prevent further infestation

On occasion infestation occurs due to a fractured drain or sewer, allowing rats access to the property. If this is suspected we will recommend a CCTV drain survey which we can arrange through a partner company.