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Essex Pest Control operates throughout Essex & East London. We understand your requirement for a rapid, efficient & professional response to your pest issues. Our experienced and friendly team will offer local pest control advice and provide an effective solution, whether you are running a business or need to protect your home.

Fully equipped to deal with all pests, from wasps to rodents, bed bugs to cockroaches, our Essex-based pest control company aims to ensure your satisfaction through excellent customer service and a safe, professional approach to pest eradication.

We’re able to extend our pest control services to domestic properties and businesses alike; we provide individual solutions for homeowners, through to contractual and multi site solutions for our commercial clients. Specialist services are provided for landlords & letting agents, so if you are looking for an on-going service agreement for your agency, please contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail.

Our pest control company

Our team are on hand 7 days a week to provide full pest control services in various locations throughout Essex. See below for a full list of the areas we cover; our staff are happy to travel to virtually any town throughout North/Greater London, South Essex, Mid Essex and North Essex. Our rapid response service means we’ll be with you as quickly as possible, making us your first port of call in any pest-related emergencies! Please note – Essex Pest Control has recently joined forces with Pest ID in order to offer more comprehensive pest control coverage throughout the county. With the added support of our staff, we now boast even more knowledge and experience that enables us to handle all manner of pest control and removal projects throughout Essex. We are always on hand to meet the requirements of our customers, so if you need more information regarding our services or would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 0800 180 4676.

Different types of pests

You may be surprised at how many different types of pests can potentially find their way into your home or commercial building. We frequently deal with rat and mice infestations, cockroach problems, wasps nests and bees nests – but plenty of other critters can wreak havoc at your property, too! Squirrels, for example, are one of the lesser-known culprits who can be responsible for all kinds of damage.

Perhaps surprisingly, bed bugs are also a prevalent problem throughout the South East of England – but don’t worry, our Essex pest control company specialises in not only removing these irritating creatures, but also preventing future infestations from causing problems in your home or for your business.

Learn more about common pests

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our website is a great resource for those who would like to learn more about common pests and how they can be safely and effectively removed from local properties. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information on some of the most infamous pests that we regularly deal with here in Essex, along with guidance as to how our team will handle them if you ask us to assist you at your property.


Rats are the one rodent which most people cannot abide. They damage goods and property and carry disease.

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bed bug

Bed Bugs

This insect is a ’true bug’. Bed bugs have evolved over millions of years and now live primarily from human blood (but they will also feed on domestic pets if they can).

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All wasps begin to build nests in April/ May and can be a major nuisance throughout the summer and autumn.

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