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Essex Pest Control -
Remove or control these common pests.

These are some of the most common pests seen by our Essex Pest Control Technicians when carrying out pest control in Essex. 

ant removal essex


Problems with ants in a domestic setting can range from a few foraging, garden or black ants, to a large “invasion”. These can usually be dealt with by a combination of liquid pesticide spray and bait stations.

Essex Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs

This insect is a ’true bug’. Bed bugs have evolved over millions of years and now live primarily from human blood (but they will also feed on domestic pets if they can).

Essex pest control cockroach


There are two species of cockroach found commonly in the UK. The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) is found throughout Europe and other temperate climates.

Essex Pest Control flea


Fleas are a distressing pest that are normally associated with domestic properties. However, they can occasionally be transported, on clothing, to the office and other working environments.

mouse Essex pest control


Like all mice, the House Mouse and Long-Tailed Field Mouse, two of the most common types of mice in the UK, seek the warmth and shelter of buildings for nesting sites and food.

essex rat control


Rats are the one rodent which most people cannot abide. They damage goods and property and carry disease.

squirrel pest control


Grey squirrels can nest in your wall cavities, between false walls and in the loft. These squirrels may use roof insulation for nesting materials and may chew boxes and other items stored in the roof space.

Essex Wasp Control


All wasps begin to build nests in April/ May and can be a major nuisance throughout the summer and autumn.