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There are two species of cockroach found commonly in the UK. The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) is found throughout Europe and other temperate climates. They prefer warm, humid conditions but are fairly resistant to cold temperatures. They are primarily nocturnal and cluster together in dark narrow harbourages. They can feed on almost anything with a calorific content but need regular access to water.

Essex pest control cockroach

These cockroaches regularly infest domestic and restaurant kitchens, bakeries and laundries. They are often introduced via infested foodstuffs or second hand electrical appliances. In very hot environments such as the heating systems of large buildings, including hospitals, they can multiply exponentially. Cockroach control is very important as they are associated with the transmission of various human illnesses such as Salmonella & Ecoli. Treatment is conducted using a Fipronil Gel and, if necessary, an additional combination of liquid pesticide spray and dust.

The much larger Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientallis) is also common throughout the UK. They infest similar areas to the German cockroach but are an even greater problem in older properties such as tenement blocks & some hospitals and prisons. Unlike German cockroaches they are unable to climb shiny surfaces but find their way throughout large buildings using lift shafts and service ducts. Control is very important for the same reasons as given above. Treatment is much more difficult due to their egg cases being highly resistant. A combination of pesticides and gels, with a number of repeat treatments, will eradicate the vast majority of infestations.